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Flower of love and genuine compassion


Cornery Décor really appreciates Mrs Serena’s kindness by introducing Mrs Hebe to the shop. Mrs Hebe is now living in a complex building in Dist 1 HCM, whose love and compassion go on dried flowers and décor ornament as Mrs Serena does.
Being introduced and witnessed the real product from Mrs Serena’s room, she searched the web and read more things from Cornery Décor page. After all, she decided herself on 10 flowers code FM31 – new arrival.

She told that her apartment was painted in brownish color, and so she liked something simple and plain to mix and match with the overall view. She also noted that she had some small dried trunk to put together.

Thanks for your choice and wish you a warm and cozy living space during the time you stay in Viet Nam

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