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I love flakes of snow

Text messaging at the late evening Mrs Serena would like to see more pictures of flower of snow flakes prior to deciding whether it is perfect and fit into her living room. She likes a big flower vase as it will be well matched into a large sofa stool.

Mrs Serena was born in Georgia in USA and has been moved into HCM for the last six month and is now living in Dist 7. Calling back the time in her hometown, she admitted herself being impressed with the beauty of dried flower. She also noted that dried flowers have been around in foreign countries but they are quite rare in Viet Nam in general and in HCM in particular. She has been in search of the shop concerned but something she is really in is the design and style.

At last she chose Thu Quy flower vase OF008 her home décor ornament. She loves white color and the rope vase as they indicate something simple, authentic and natural. She promised her introduction to her acquaintances living in HCM at the moment in hope of bringing everyone’s joy and elation.

Thanks you so much!

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