A special gift from Viet Nam - Cornery Decor

A special gift from Viet Nam

She sent a message so as to place an order of two tea sets, Ms Bernice from Australia who is on a business trip in HCM now living in Dist 3. She told that she’ll be back to her hometown next week and wanted something that is originally Vietnamese as gifts to her family and a friend as well.

She was introduced to Cornery Décor by one of her Vietnamese friends, indeed my former student. After searching and studying carefully, she came to decision that tea set is her cup of tea. She liked the way the product is beautifully designed and packaged and the way the familial message is spread out; it is about members, bonds, and morals. She also noticed the wide range of dried flower products which grabbed her attention at the first sight, but not this time.
Many thanks Ms Bernice and hope you enjoy your trip and the gifts as well.

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